Woody McClain

King Of Stage

WOODY McCLAIN is a triple threat actor, dancer and producer is fully realizing why he deserves the title “KING OF STAGE.” Monarch had the opportunity to sit down and hold a discussion with Woody about his preparation, planning, and approach from transforming into the r&b icon Bobby Brown.

Monarch magazine: How did you get started as actor?

Woody Mcclain: It all started with social media. My fans kept telling me how good I was, and I should really take acting serious.

Monarch magazine: What got you involved with the New Edition & Bobby Brown story?

Woody Mcclain: Fatima Robinson (choreographer) was the one that got me my first audition for the New Edition Story.

Monarch magazine: What was the preparation process for the role of Bobby Brown?

Woody Mcclain: Night and day of studying all of Bobby’s videos. I remember growing up I used to hate studying. And now with acting, I have to study even more. Funny how things come full circle.

Monarch magazine: id the portrayal of Bobby Brown help you as a performer?

Woody Mcclain: Yes, this project has unlocked so many emotions in me I had no idea were inside.

Monarch magazine: Are you singing any of the parts?

Woody Mcclain: Yes, I was able to work with Paul, Babyface’s right hand man on this.

Monarch magazine: How often are you now confused for Bobby Brown?

Woody Mcclain: The younger generation calls me Bobby Brown. It’s pretty fun. Kind of like how I used to call Lawrence Fishburne Ike Turner.

Monarch magazine: I would imagine that there is an extreme amount of pressure portraying a living legend like Bobby Brown. How do you handle it?

Woody Mcclain: Preparation. The pressure comes when you lack preparation.

Monarch magazine: Since you mastered the character of Bobby Brown, I would imagine you found some similarities and dissimilarities.

Woody Mcclain: Me and Bobby are a lot alike when it comes to our careers. We both know exactly what we want, and nobody can convince us otherwise.

Monarch magazine: Regarding acting, who are some of your influences?

Woody Mcclain: Leonardo DiCaprio, Viola Davis, of course Denzel Washington and one of my new favorites Will Catlett.

Monarch magazine: What shows are you tuned into?

Woody Mcclain: Ozark, Love is and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Monarch magazine: What’s next for Woody, where do you plan to take your career?

Woody Mcclain: Creating and producing is number one on my to-do list.