The Art of the Tuxedo, Starring Idris Elba

Putting a tux on should be easy, but then you begin to wonder about cummerbunds, wing collars, etc. It can become a tad bit fuzzy.

So wonder no more. Take a few tips from a man that captures the essence of the tuxedo Idris Elba, as he sheds some light on mastering the art of wearing the tux!

1. Buy a tuxedo that will not expire at the end of the year! You are at the point now of realizing that buying a tux is much better than to continue renting one. So to get the most out of your purchase means buying a tux that is timeless. Look for a notch or a peak lapel, because theywill never go out ofstyle … one with two buttons. Avoid anything that is slim, three-button or flared – nothing trendy. If necessary, have the tuxedo tailored and avoid stains and it will last a lifetime.

2. Lapels define a tux. A peak lapel is the most classic, while a notch lapel is an industry standard. Steer clear of the shawl collar and wing collar, and opt for a conventional one.

3. You don’t need a cummerbund. You’re not going to the prom so ditch the cummerbund and put on the suspenders.

4. Lose the patent leather. Please, please skip the shiny shoes. Stick with well-polished black lace-ups or slip-ons. Keep in mind to invest in high-quality thin black socks, and only wear them with your tux!

5. The optional black suit. If the tuxedo is not your thing, you can get away with wearing a black suit instead of tux at a formal event. But it has to be the right black suit. It should be perfectly tailored, solid black, no pinstrips, not gray, not navy; solid black. Also make sure to have the suit pressed or dry cleaned before your big day. The goal is to have people complimenting you on your suit instead of asking why are you not wearing a tux!