Tanissa Carmon

The Lady Is A Boss

Tanissa Carmon is a triple threat –
mother, businesswoman, and entrepreneur.
The owner of Untourage Salon Retreat, creative director of Untourage the Label and “Monager” to her two sons Branden and Bryce Thompson.
Tanissa has achieved success on multiple levels, and this is only the beginning for the multifaceted Houston native.

MONARCH MAGAZINE: What motivated you to pursue a career in fashion design?

TANISSA CARMON: My motivation came from looking in my own closet and not seeing the styles that I like to wear, reflected in denim.

MONARCH MAGAZINE: How did you transition from hair salon to clothing line?

TANISSA CARMON: I honestly just made a commitment to myself to start the process and adjusted my salon schedule to spend more time in designing and building my collection.

MONARCH MAGAZINE: Is there a major difference in the skills it takes to develop a clothing line versus hair salon?

TANISSA CARMON: Yes and No! Yes, because developing a clothing line requires multiple of layers work including sketching, developing the patterns, choosing the fabrics, and testing the various washes on the product. Styling hair is a process that while you consult your client on the desired look, you work with only one client at a time.

No, because your skill is still based in the art of your creativity.

MONARCH MAGAZINE: Débuting your label at a New York fashion show is no small feat. How did this come about?

TTANISSA CARMON: During the process of building my collection, I was presented with the opportunity to launch my brand at New York Fashion Week, so I decided to do it. I even had a digital billboard in Times Square during fashion week which was very exciting!

MONARCH MAGAZINE: What sets the Untourage label apart from other brands?

TANISSA CARMON: Recently I’ve notice that a lot of new brands feel it’s important for the designer to be the “face” of the brand to make it relevant. I’ve chosen to build “Untourage The Label” by establishing a strong foundation based upon quality and imaging so that it can stand on its own.

MONARCH MAGAZINE: In today’s fashion world, who inspires you?

TANISSA CARMON: I’m inspired by Misa Hylton, because she stayed true to her interpretation of fashion and never deviated from her own script of merging street culture and high fashion into a style that is still influential to this day.

MONARCH MAGAZINE: What are your thoughts on the lack of diversity within the fashion industry?

TANISSA CARMON: There are a lot of talented and creative people of color in this world, who simply lack the resources to bring their creations to life. Resources give exposure and exposure offers opportunity!

MONARCH MAGAZINE: What is the goal for the Untourage label?

TANISSA CARMON: I have several lol…My first goal is to create a strong brand awareness so that we receive opportunities to be featured in high end boutiques like Elyse Walker and Intermix. I would also like to collaborate with an international and popular shoe brand. In addition, I’m currently working on building our men’s collection of denim styles.

MONARCH MAGAZINE: What’s the future hold for Tanissa and the Untourage brand?

TANISSA CARMON: I’m brainstorming and developing a plan on how I can help emerging designers by offering them the resources to develop their lines and then feature the collections on a platform similar to New York Fashion Week.