NEW EDITION: Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown, New Edition and Beyond

Who can say the name New Edition without thinking of Bobby Brown? Odds are there aren’t many. As an original member of New Edition, Bobby Brown helped to shape the sound that fans have grown to enjoy over the years.

In a brief interview with Bobby Brown, he shared some insight into the highly anticipated New Edition Story, a biographical film outlining the life of the group, which is set to air on BET January 24, 25, and 26, 2017. When asked why this film was being featured as a television series as opposed to the big screen, Bobby explained that two hours was just not enough time to tell the whole story. Bobby expresses, “That’s the great part of it and I’m glad that we have so much, so many layers.”

Bobby acknowledges director Chris Robinson for “doing a great job with casting.” While not directly involved with choosing the cast that would portray them, Bobby explains that the group was very hands-on in terms of helping the cast perfect the musical performances depicted throughout the film. They would at times just be on set to support the cast, including the amazingly talented women chosen to portray the mothers of the band members. Bobby was particularly impressed with the performance of Tyler Marcel Williams, the actor casted to play young Bobby. The themes viewers will witness in the film are how the group came up from the bottom to become a “super-group” and the challenges faced during their career.

Understanding challenges, it is no secret that Bobby has had to overcome some major hurdles in his life. Dealing with narcotics, high profile deaths played out in the public, to incarceration, Mr. Brown definitely knows and understands struggle. Twelve years clean from narcotics, Bobby credits God, his wife, Alicia Etheredge-Brown, with being one of his greatest inspirations, and his children, his biggest motivation. “My wife, my kids, and all my friends and family have been there for me through thick and thin,” Bobby says. Faith is obviously an important part of his strength as he mentioned on two occasions during the interview that, “God doesn’t give you more than you can bear.”

Bobby departed from New Edition, embarking on a high-profile solo career that produced award-winning songs like “My Prerogative” and “Every Little Step I Take.” Bobby recalls the moment he knew that he had found his calling in music, “…the response from the crowd. I just loved it and I have been doing it ever since,” he says. However, Bobby’s talent goes far beyond just his music. He has written a book entitled Every Little Step: My Story, which details his life from his perspective.

When asked about the possibility of a Bobby Brown biopic, he references this book and reveals that fans can expect to see more of his story. When also asked about his opinion on how well the New Edition biopic did of portraying him, he said, “You know it’s going to be up and down but it’s not the whole story…there’s a lot more to the story in other words.”He is also working to release a new album as well. So fans definitely have more to look forward to from Bobby, including producing projects for other up-and-coming artists like his sons Landon and Little Bobby.

To add to his resume, Bobby also has a food line called He credits his mom for peaking his interest in cooking. He recalls having to spend a lot of time in the house as a child and would see his mom cooking and he would just do what she did. One of his goals for launching this line is to get healthy. He says jokingly, “I have to get some of this weight off of me.” The line has done some great things with one of its signature products, which is barbeque. Bobby believes that his success is still unfolding. “I want to do so many things,” he says. He views himself as an entertainer who has the “whole package,” as he explains it.

Bobby Brown has undoubtedly had many successes as a solo artist, as well as with New Edition. His success is an example of how each member of the group has been able to evolve and move on to experience their own personal triumphs in their own careers. The group still keeps in touch, as Bobby says. When they can, they do try to connect to spend time together socially with their families and each other. There is still more to come for the group, who still perform together. Fans still have much to anticipate from both Bobby Brown and New Edition.

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