Hip Hop: Summer 2020

Monarch HipHop Recommendations

Kayne West and Chance the Rapper
Good Ass Job

“Good Ass Job” was supposed to be the aptly titled final entry into Kanye West’s “The College Dropout” series, but instead it’s apparently morphed into a theoretical union of master and pupil— a.k.a, West and Chance the Rapper. Kanye himself announced the joint project during Chano’s Chicago open mic session in September of 2018. During an appearance on “The Joe Budden Podcast” a month later, Chano confirmed that work the project had yet to begin. It’s hard not to be tantalized at the thought of Chance and West linking for an entire project, especially with the way both infuse their music with gospel.

Kid Cudi

Battling back to a healthy spot from struggles with mental health, Cudi is set to drop his eighth studio LP, “Entergalactic.” On top of that, Cudi and Netflix will be releasing an adult-focused animated music series also titled “Entergalactic” to pair with the album. This will be a boundless outlet for Cudi to bring his creative vision to life on more than one platform.

Factory Baby

Although she’s only just getting started, Chicago rapper Noname recently implied her second album “Factory Baby” could be her last. The musician told her Twitter followers that her heart “wasn’t fully in it anymore” and called the dynamic between artist and fan “really f–ing unhealthy.” So better make the most of this unique talent while she’s still in the spotlight.

Princess Nokia

Uptown New York rapper connects with her ancestors on her upcoming project. Traveling to Puerto Rico to write her first full-length album since 2018, Nokia got focused and developed “Sugar Honey Iced Tea (S.H.I.T)” and “Balenciaga” (“Is that retail or is that resale?/I look so fly you can’t even tell”). Just two of the singles that will appear on Nokia’s upcoming musical project.

Run the Jewels

Undeniable chemistry has made them one of hip- hop’s most beloved dyads. Since the two haven’t dropped a project since 2016, their forthcoming “Run The Jewels 4” album is highly anticipated for the thrilling beats and poignant bars. Plans for “RTJ4” were first announced in 2017. A year later, El-P updated fans saying the group was working on the “grimiest, rawest record we possibly can” and stamped 2019 as the year it would drop. Now 2020 seems to be go time. The LP, which reportedly features an assist from Rick Rubin, already has the group calling this new installment the best album in the series.