Master P, Romeo Miller And James Lindsay Partner With Richard Patterson Of Trion Supercars

The First Black Owned American Auto Manufacturer

Percy Miller, Romeo Miller and business partner James Lindsay team up with Nemesis RR creator Richard Patterson, first black-owned supercar manufacturer in America. The auto company Trion SuperCars is changing the game, adding diversity into the automotive industry. Richard Patterson was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. As a kid, he loved playing with toy cars and drawing pictures of them. He is a former engineer at Tesla, designing the Model S from scratch. His credits also include designing the landing gear on the Boeing 777 and the folding seats system in the Dodge Minivan. Mr. Patterson has went on to create his own car company, Trion SuperCars.

Percy Miller says, “Richard Patterson is a genius, he has created the blueprint for the next era of supercars. It’s time for us to change the narrative for our culture by offering economic empowerment with this partnership. This is history, we have come a long way to be a part of innovative technology, manufacturing and producing our own automobiles. In addition to the high end line of models, we will be producing a line of affordable luxury vehicles. With the advanced technology that Trion has developed, we are poised to bring this unique product to the mass market.”

“America has always been the world-leader in engineering excellence. In that tradition, Trion SuperCars has produced the exclusive, handcrafted Nemesis RR that exemplifies the historic power, beauty, and soul of American innovation. The Nemesis RR is about the superb performance, head-turning appearance, and technical innovation that creates the blueprint for the next era of supercars.

While it’s easy to admire the exterior lines, which are flawless from the front growl to the captivating tail configuration, the Nemesis RR provides excitement throughout the vehicle. With display-panel access to programmable powertrain features, active-aero exterior panels, and a cabin that offer a unique blend of cutting-edge technology with reduced volumes to optimize the space (enough space for a 7′ driver), it’s clear that this is a vehicle that is meant to be driven, not just admired.” For more information, go to