The Expert On Gentlemen’s Clothing

Celebrity fashion designer Miguel Wilson is a men’s fashion expert and an aficionado for what makes a groom feel special on his wedding day. The award-winning men’s designer offers suits, sportscoats, trousers, shirts, and accessories through his signature label, The Miguel Wilson Collection. Starting off as a custom clothier, Wilson began making bespoke suits while still working in corporate America. However, as his clothing became more popular, he quit his job to operate his custom clothing design company full time, expanding his vision and his clientele.

Best described as conservative clothing with a touch of excitement, The Miguel Collection features highly tailored clothing with clear lines and exceptional detail that is appreciated by fine clothing enthusiasts.

Over the years, Wilson’s clothing has attracted many notable people in sports, business, politics, and religion. With two flagship stores and his signature label, offered in many high-end bridal boutiques across the country, Wilson’s keen eye and exquisite taste are trusted above all by his long list of high-profile and celebrity clients.

MONARCH: When did your love affair with fashion begin?

MIGUEL: I started to really get into my attire in high school. This was when designer jeans were popular and Polo shirts were the new thing to wear.

MONARCH: How did you begin designing?

MIGUEL: I started designing clothes as a partner in a custom clothing business. Honestly, I just designed clothes that I liked, and it appealed to others. Most of my clients were pastors back then.

MONARCH: Who influences you?

MIGUEL: My father and grandfather were my early influencers. Today I like Tom Ford and Ralph Lauren.

MONARCH: When was that moment that you decided to step out on faith, and launch a store?

MIGUEL: I decided to go full-time in the business after doing clothes seven years part-time. I quit my job and opened a small showroom in Buckhead, a high-end part of Atlanta.

MONARCH: You have created designs for athletes to entertainers, have you ever thought about creating a book?

MIGUEL: I have a created a book focused on my wedding business. It’s called “Because It’s His Day Too!” Groom Love Stories. It’s a book sharing pictures of my groom’s weddings along with a love message written by each of them to their bride. I’m currently working on my second edition which will include more of my celebrity clients.

MONARCH: Sort of a look into the method behind the mastery?

MIGUEL: I have many design inspirations. It can start with a picture, a color, or even a texture. I don’t have a method; I just get inspired. In designing for any client, whether a celebrity or an everyday working person, it starts with their vision, thoughts, and ideas. My ideas are an extension of theirs. I also make suggestions based on things they haven’t considered.

MONARCH: How would you describe your collection?

MIGUEL: My collection is classy, elegant, and sexy. I blend conservative looks with trendy colors, and I mix fabrics and contrast textures.

MONARCH: What does a day in the life of Miguel Wilson looks like?

MIGUEL: I generally wake up and do a post. I manage all my social media personally. I try to get a little exercise in before heading to one of my stores, depending on what city I’m in. I see clients, work on orders, assist my team on projects, and spend time on my event business or my foundation. I spend a great deal of time in problem prevention, problem solving, and marketing.

MONARCH: What advice would you give men who are looking to advance their wardrobe?

MIGUEL: One common problem for men is that they have very limiting wardrobes, composed of a lot of duplication in color and design. Most have blues, greys, and blacks. Two ways to elevate a man’s wardrobe is by adding seasonal clothing and color.

Additionally, most men lack a really great fitting suit. Fit is the most important element in looking great, not quality of fabric. I would highly recommend every man have at least one custom made suit and shirt.

MONARCH: Have there ever been moments when you got the design completely wrong?
(like Denise Huxtable in the Cosby Show episode, where she makes shirt for Theo)

MIGUEL: I have definitely made mistakes. There are times when an idea or concept sounded great, but in completion, not so good. It’s important to have time to make corrections or changes when you take a fashion risk. Nothing’s a problem, if there is time to fix it.

MONARCH: What are your thoughts on the lack of diversity within the world of fashion?

MIGUEL: The irony in fashion is that Black culture dictates what mainstream people wear, yet it’s the non-Black designers that produce and sell the product. There is a shift in the culture where people are spending luxury dollars with Black designers. I recently had 2 Chainz include me in a verse on his song “Southside Hov,” I got the suit from Miguel, I know it fit me well!”  That alone shows a huge shift, I just pray it continues.

MONARCH: What’s next for you Mr. Wilson?

MIGUEL: I just want to grow the brand in our current markets, Atlanta, DC, Miami, and New York. I also plan to have DC Fashion and Polo Classic events in the spring. In my foundation, we are creating inner city Polo teams composed of kids 10-15 years old in Atlanta and the DMV.