Gospel: Winter 2023

Monarch Gospel Recommendations

The Assumption

A musical innovator with silken grace, jazz singer‒songwriter, and entrepreneur, Michelle Thomas eases in her formative background in gospel—as well as her love of R&B, soul, and neo-soul—into a musical language that shows a dedication and a passion for jazz, spanning all of its defining eras.

Color of Love

The legendary singer’s name is synonymous with quality traditional gospel music boasting contemporary inflections that satisfies the heart and touches the soul. This month he announces his new label, DLW Music Group, and a new holiday project featuring Grammy Award-winning saxophonist Gerald Albright. The lead single, “An Unusual Child,” is a reflective and mellow, uplifting and joyous song. That takes the listeners on a beautiful journey of adoration of Christ.

Make It Out Alive

The Passion City Church worship pastor’s new album features eleven songs that sing of God’s grace. Stanfill’s songwriting is vulnerable and encouraging. Each song has a unique story to tell that contributes to the theme of the album as a whole. Through these songs and testimonies, Stanfill shares a message of hope and faith in Jesus Christ.

Unscripted Portuguese

“Way Maker” brings Ana Paula Valadão and her son, upcoming singer-songwriter Isaque Valadão Bessa, together as REVERE. Originating in Lagos, Nigeria, from worship leader Sinach, “Way Maker” is being carried in a special and unscripted recording in both Portuguese and English. The nature of the worship experience can often be described as praise and prophetic, and “Way Maker” has been resonating in churches all over the world for this reason.

Crown Him With Glory

Stephen McWhirter and Jason Clayborn share new music with their EP titled Crown Him With Glory. This project captures lyrics and a melody that feels like a classic Christmas hymn, conveying the beauty and majesty of Jesus humbly coming to Earth as a babe and ultimately rising as the resurrected King.