Authors: Fall 2019

Monarch Book Recommendations

Ray Dalio

Ray Dalio is a billionaire investor, hedge fund manager, founder of investment firm Bridgewater Associates, philanthropist—and, as of January 2018, one of the world’s 100 wealthiest people, according to Bloomberg . Dalio’s new book Principles describes how his organization transforms wishes, desires, and goals into tasks, actions, behaviors, and execution through algorithms.

In effect, it’s a system for implementing meritocracy, which makes it particularly interesting to open organization practitioners and advocates.

Brianna Wiest
101 Essays that will change the way you think

Brianna Wiest has gained recognition for her deeply moving, philosophical writing. This new compilation of her published work, 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think, features pieces on why you should pursue purpose over passion, embrace negative thinking, see the wisdom in daily routine, and become aware of the cognitive biases that are affecting the way you see your life. Some of these pieces have never before been released; others have been read by millions of people around the world. Regardless, each will leave you thinking, “This idea changed my life.”

R. H. Sin and Robert M. Drake
Falling toward the Moon

Falling Toward The Moon, is a collection of poetry and prose to those who may feel overwhelmed by life or fall in a pattern of repeated disappointment. The contributions recognize “that the heart will ache, the soul will feel weary, and the mind will be weighed down by the things you wish to forget. There will be nights when all you have is yourself and the moon. There will be nights when silence will exist in abundance.And even though you may feel lonely at first, you must understand that the solitude is a gift; you must understand that even when alone, you are more than enough.”.

Marlon James
The book of women

James’s novel that takes the reader back through time and space to the eighteenth century to tell the story of Lilith, a girl born into slavery on a Jamaican sugar plantation. From birth, everyone sees that Lilith holds a power that should be both feared and respected, but it is not until Lilith learns to accept that power, that her life and the lives of the women around her, begin to change. This is when Lilith organizes a group of women slaves labeling who call themselves “The Night Women.”

Ta-Nehishi Coates

Celebrated author of Between the World and Me (2015) and We Were Eight Years in Power (2017) merges magic, adventure, and antebellum intrigue in his first novel. Protagonist Hiram Walker was born into slavery but gifted with great powers that enable him to leave the plantation where he was born. Hiram embarks on an amazing journey that takes him from the corrupt grandeur of Virginia’s proud plantations to desperate guerrilla cells in the wilderness, from the coffin of the Deep South to dangerously idealistic movements in the North.